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ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องเกี่ยวกับhotel chevalier ออนไลน์ในThe Reason Switch Online Expansion May Be Worth It & Closer Look At N64 & Genesis Controllers!ล่าสุด


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The Reason Switch Online Expansion May Be Worth It & Closer Look At N64 & Genesis Controllers!
The Reason Switch Online Expansion May Be Worth It & Closer Look At N64 & Genesis Controllers!

นอกจากการอ่านข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้ The Reason Switch Online Expansion May Be Worth It & Closer Look At N64 & Genesis Controllers! คุณสามารถดูเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง


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#Reason #Switch #Online #Expansion #Worth #amp #Closer #N64 #amp #Genesis #Controllers.

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The Reason Switch Online Expansion May Be Worth It & Closer Look At N64 & Genesis Controllers!.

hotel chevalier ออนไลน์.

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  2. 11Matthew16 says:

    The suspend menu will probably give the same options as SNES/NES: create and load save states, as reset and go back to the menu. Maybe there is no rewind feature, though. The online multiplayer is also probably for all games (even if you just "watch" the screen of your friend in single player games), the wording on the trailer was about the selection of N64 coming to the service… I don't know where you took the impression that is only Mario Kart. They explicitly showed Star Fox with the announcement of online multiplayer.

  3. Mark Morris says:

    Sorry, this is a wack deal. I don’t appreciate the drip feed of games fans been asking about for years. Less than 10 games at launch, really?

    How about some GameCube titles, huh?
    The GameCube is 20 years old, come on

  4. revolu7ion says:

    It's cool nintendo is adding online to a few n64 games but you can already play any local multiplayer n64 game (or any other emulated systems) online with a tool like parsec and it works really well and is easy to use.

  5. Alistair Blaire says:

    I hadn't seen that other picture of the N64 controller. I was wondering how they would handle the analog stick. Every other controller on the market uses the same commodity analog stick part, but the N64's analog was different internally because the modern analog design didn't exist yet. But that zoomed in pic kind of looks like they dug out the old tooling and molds for the old N64 controller. Which may be both good and bad. Good for authenticity but bad because the original design meant the analog stick got gritty and loose after awhile. It will be interesting to see some teardowns.

  6. Josh Nickerson says:

    I really find weird that even though the Genesis controller is only 3 button, why in the world would they put the mode button?! Is there even 10 genesis games out of the entire collection that use the mode button?!

  7. Y0sh says:

    I just appreciate that Nintendo is doing this at all. They didn’t have to release n64 games or a controller. That being said, I don’t think that anything above $10 would be justified unless they added gameboy and/or GameCube games at some point in the near future. I will be buying an n64 controller, but I can’t justify spending $50 on a sega genesis controller that doesn’t even have 6 buttons.

  8. Estradas Virtuais says:

    It is still weird for my ears this "Genesis" name for the Mega Drive. The only alternate name that I like is "super aladdin boy", that's a respectable name, but Genesis? ugh!

  9. william mountford says:

    you nailed it, what retro collectors and retro gamers want are these games physical. Give us a couple each qtr in a collection so we can own forever. Guess it comes down to finances, bigger margins when we rent the games instead of own. Also think Genesis physical collection is one of my favorites (along with the SNK 40th collection, Atari Vault, and soon shipping NeoGeo Pocket).

  10. Steve Brandon says:

    I'm a Gen X'er interested in continuing to be able to play Sega Genesis games beyond when my Genesis stops working (and, to a lesser degree, N64 games) but I'd rather just pay a few dollars each to download the individual games or a few more dollars for bundles of games. I'm not paying for a live service to play decades-old games.

  11. WhatIfGuy says:

    Man, it's just like you said. It would be nice for N64 titles to actually be purchased if nintendo online decides to shut down one day. So why even have an N64 controller if you can't play N64 games anymore?

  12. Ryan Kon says:

    Mad, stop lying to yourself. You’re gonna upgrade no matter what, even if it’s just temporary. Majority of the current subscribers who use the library(even if it’s just time to time) are probably gonna upgrade. At most, maybe with the expansion it will be $40 maybe. I highly doubt that though. It’s an expansion, so it ain’t gonna be triple of you’re currently paying for sure.

  13. David Aitken says:

    Dear God, you are all morons! There are these handy little things called emulators that let you play literally any game for any of these systems including games that for one reason or another will NEVER make an appearance on this sorry excuse for a "service". The only reason to pay Nintendo is if you play a lot of Switch games online, which is still infuriating because they aren't actually providing a "service". One of the players' system is ultimately what hosts any match. Nintendo's servers are only used for match making.

  14. The Swartz says:

    The one thing I don't see anyone talking about is: Nintendo is certainly releasing an updated console ~soon (Christmas 2022? Summer 2023?)
    So, for them to release this expansion now tells me that this Switch Online service WILL be on that next console AND…. NSO will continue to expand because that next console will last a few years.

  15. RevXAVIER says:

    30 is the most I'm willing to pay. I stopped paying for NSO, because I barely play online and barely touch the old games. But for 5-10 extra bucks, if I get the N64 games with online, that's a fine deal by me. Anything above 30 is a hard pass for me at least.

  16. Joseph Burnett says:

    I'm excited. I hope that we can add this to our family account and not something each individual would have to set up. If it's reasonable, it will be great to share these games with my niece and nephews on my family account. I have access to lot's of the mini retro consoles and various Sega collections both physical and digital. The kids don't have the lifetime of retro collecting that I have. Without a strong online support, the expansion pass isn't very attractive to those of us with backlogs of games.

  17. The90sGamingGuy says:

    I'll be subscribing to this add on day one. I hear you on not having ownership of the actual digital games. I have most of those n64 games in physical form, so those of us that own the games can cancel at any time. I hope the N64 games coming have save states, i think they will since the NES and SNES games have save states easy to implement that feature. I'll be passing on the official n64 controller and play with a third party Pro controller i already own.

    The Genesis games i have on the Genesis Classics collection i have on physical Switch cart so those games i likely won't play much, but still great for those that don't have those games.

  18. Aerodeth says:



  19. MKF30 says:

    I didn't see or hear them say select games, way I took it if the game is multiplayer offline you can play it online as well which would mean Mario Kart, Dr. Mario, Winback, Starfox etc all up to 4 players I see no reason why only Mario Kart and not the others would make no sense if they did that. I'm more concerned if it's just fully online playable and not just limited to your friends. I don't know about anyone else but I have 40 friends on my list and none of them play the classic NES or SNES games. But either way I'm excited.

  20. cacadodo666 says:

    Im guessing 5 bucks for the expansion. That is justifiable divided amongst 12 months. Ten is cutting it damn close and leaves little room for justifying more cost for potential gamecube/gameboy/gba/tg16/saturn expansions.