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The Beverly Hills of Pattaya - High Rise Condo Tour
The Beverly Hills of Pattaya – High Rise Condo Tour

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The Beverly Hills of Pattaya – High Rise Condo Tour.

the hotel condo.

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42 thoughts on “The Beverly Hills of Pattaya – High Rise Condo Tour | the hotel condoเนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้องล่าสุดทั้งหมด

  1. David Webster says:

    Me and my family (wife and daughter) lived in the Northpoint for 2 years. Loved living in the Wongamat area of town and look forward to moving back in the spring of 2023. Beautiful ocean/view and oceanfront complex with restaurants and beach bars. Great gym, pools and neighbors.

  2. Paul Kendall says:

    That is WOW.. love the balcony.. the view..

    Lucas is now number one. Real estate promoter in Thailand..
    This video is good.. making me think about renting again if things open next year.

  3. paul hefner says:

    The last unit looked good. My unit is oceanfront with similar amenities. My unit is 110 sq meters so space I find is needed if you spend a good amount of time at home. I pay 850 a month, but 1,000 is not much more. The problem with thailand are the restrictions and the visa is a continual concern. As if they can pull the plug any day. It is worth consideration as a rental property. I have no plans to buy 250-500k dollars of thai bonds. A nice way to lose a good chunk of change off of very low interest investments. The thai bhat may sink further as tourism will not return for a while. In that way prices will probably come down. Maybe 2022 I will consider. Best to stay in good shape and be prepared for anything. Thanks for the peak at the riviera.

  4. Jody Canfield says:

    Off topic question of curiosity…..earthquakes in that region. Are the tall condos built to absorb the shocks and movement?
    I have seen what bad engineering can do. Surfside Florida Champlain Towers as an example. 🤯

  5. Geno Kemp says:

    Enjoyed this, but reading all the comments from people that know a lot more than most of us as you do Lucas .Must help many people unless they go in blind or not a subscriber .Nice one 👍

  6. pokeaman1 says:

    Hi Lucus & Vee enjoyed your video. So the location is spot on, the quality is the same but personally way way to high up, Your paying for the view but I would have permanant vertigo and a feeling of dread. House or villa a building no more than three levels is for me. I like to be near the ground but if your not like me and can afford to spend a little more this could be for you. Thank you for the tour.
    Take care GOD Bless you and yours. M

  7. Sugar Can says:

    Would you suggest the Hilton? To stay Also I know the train is coming from Bangkok dont know wen….is there a straight road to Bangkok for a weekend?? Safest way to get there cheers

  8. Sulwan says:

    You do know that US has a treaty with Thailand that Americans can buy property and establish Business just like a Thai person? Americans don't have to have a Thai business partner.

  9. William says:

    **Beautiful***Wongamat is the place I'm going to live when I move there in 2025.***I'm leaning towards Northpoint for the elevators straight into the apartment-Love it if you would do a video on that place too!***Got a little trip planned for December this year to catch up!***Great video-Thanks!***UPDATE-Just returned 12-29-21 from a month in Pattaya!***The BEST month of MY LIFE!***Deciding now if I retire in Wong Amat or Pratumnak areas. This place had made me give Wong Amat a second thought!***Beautiful Place!**

  10. groundsmen1 says:

    I’m human the longer I stay in a place the more clutter I collect that Unit didn’t look like it had room for any, think I stay with a house plus I’m deaf so I likes the TV turned up